Marketing plan


A marketing plan is a document, where you gather information about your segment, position and target audience. The better you segment your audience, the better you will write your content, personalize communication and design.


Marketing plan should include answers to these questions:

  • Who is our customer?
  • Who do we want to sell to?
  • Who don’t we want to sell to?
  • How do you want to position our product?
  • What do we need to do to become a top-of-mind product for people?

Stop thinking you can appeal to everyone, that is never going to happen. Segment the most valuable customers and create everything with them in mind.

  • Personal Value: How does it connect to their personal value?
  • Personal Benefit: Why does that matter to them?
  • Product Benefit: Why do they like it?
  • Product Feature: What your customers like?

For example: A Cabriolet

  • Personal Value: Youthfulness.
  • Personal Benefit: Makes me feel free, makes me feel young.
  • Product Benefit: Get places quickly.
  • Product Feature: Fast, speed, elegance.

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