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I’m Romina. Romina Kavcic small photo
I believe design connects everything.

It’s not just aesthetics. Nope, far from that.

Good design is aligning users’ needs and your business goals.

I can help you impact your business in 5 ways

  1. Create an amazing overall customer experience
    Your business success hinges on the quality of the overall customer experience and therefore design.
  2. Solve user’s problems
    People ignore design that ignores people.
  3. Streamline your design processes
    Good design process makes your work more efficient.
  4. Reduce overhead
    Efficient design strategy reduces overhead and time to market without compromising product quality.
  5. Add value with good design 
    If you think good design is expensive, you should look at the cost of bad design.

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What others think?

Romina makes us rethink our approach

Once we started working with Romina, we were immediately impressed with the way that she tackles the problem at hand. The “whys” she addresses after analyzing the challenge often makes us rethink our approach and improve our foundations for further work.

Romina covers both the strategic and the execution part of UX design, which is exactly what we needed. Her efficiency, professionalism, leadership, great working spirit and excellent deliverables soon confirmed that she was the perfect fit for the job.

Since we began working with Romina, we’ve noticed that her contributions make it easier to achieve our project’s KPIs. She really takes into account all of our inputs and combines it into a UX that she deems the best choice for the challenge in question.

Following our first collaboration, we’ve gone on to work with Romina on multiple projects – the ultimate proof of our satisfaction!

Urska Saletinger - Abelium  Urška Saletinger, ABELIUM Research and Development

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