Design System Component List with Slack automation

Design System Airtable Component List

If you’re new to design systems, read my introductory post, where I explain the steps to complete your Design System.

When you don’t have a fully-fledged design system yet, you can create a robust, automated table in Airtable with the list of design components with status for platforms you serve.

Why Airtable?

  • It’s a spreadsheet-database hybrid. It provides a powerful API and built-in support for several popular apps.
  • You can add triggers when a record is updated or created or when a record matches conditions.

Connecting Slack with component status

Connect your Slack account and get a message on your channel for any component updates. You can also mention a responsible Design manager/designer. 🙋‍♀️🙋‍♂️

Other useful ideas for automation:

  • Create issues in Jira based on updates/changes in Airtable.
  • Connect Github repository -> when a record matches conditions -> create or update issue in Github. It works the other way around too. You can create an issue in Github and collect records in Airtable (useful for bugs/QA testing, etc.)
  • Send automated emails when approaching the deadline.

⭐️ TABLE TEMPLATE for Component List and Status

  • Component name
  • Design (+ link to Figma)
  • Web
  • iOS
  • Android
  • Assignee

🎯 Automation

  • Slack message for any change/update with tagging responsible person
  • Email for crossing the deadline.

You can use the same tricks for the Design Tokens list.

⭐️ TABLE TEMPLATE for Design Tokens

  • Token Name
  • Token Status
  • Token Theme (if applicable)
  • Type
  • Category (color, space, font, duration, …)

🌈 If you want the Design Component Airtable template, click here.

Treat your design system as a product. It’s a marathon, not a sprint 🌈

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