Customer Persona and Persona Mapping


Persona mapping of identifying your ideal customer persona.
You can use the template to write down their attitude, goals, motivations, lifestyle, location, income, and all your observations. The more info you have, the better you can connect with the mindset of your target customer.

Besides, you need to answer questions like these:

  • Who is the person you want to understand?
  • What are their fears, frustrations, and anxieties?
  • What are their wants, needs, hopes, and dreams?
  • How do customers describe our product?
  • What words are they using?
  • How do they feel, while using our product?

Use a customer persona when you are defining your ideal customer. You can download the template with the checklist here.

Use customer persona to build your product and design strategy around insight you discover during the persona mapping process, such as:

  • Emotions customers associate with the purchase of that product/service.
  • Words are they using to describe their needs.
  • Consequences of not purchasing your product.
  • Your points of difference.